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Friday, June 28, 2013

Michigan Law!

Well, I could have simply deleted my recent "Can" You Help blog post and not address the fact that it's illegal to cash in cans in Michigan from other states, but the goal of this blog is to be as honest and transparent as possible. So... to read more on the Michigan Bottle Deposit Law, please go here:


Thank goodness that a good friend read our blog yesterday and informed us of the bottle deposit law which states that it is illegal to take cans from other states and cash them in Michigan. Apparently there is a surcharge on these items in Michigan, which results in the generous 10 cent refund, with the goal to encourage recycling in this state. There is considerable amount of abuse of this state funding, as people from other states are attempting to cash in their cans (some with much success). Now that we are aware of it, it makes complete sense!

So, we have to laugh a little at ourselves, given that we were about to be one of these individuals (without being consciously aware of course!) It honestly is not our attention to recruit those we love to crime, for the sake of our adoption! All joking aside, we would like everyone to know that it is a serious crime to overlook the Michigan Bottle Deposit Law. Our previous blog post on cashing cans was before we were aware of this. Spread the word to others who may not be familiar that this law exists.

As for our aluminum can collecting, we found a recycling place in West Chicago that gives 65 cents per pound for aluminum cans. One pound of aluminum is roughly about 25-30 cans. As you can imagine, it's going to take a substantial amount of cans to even equal a low amount. With that being said, we have decided to withdrawal from our can collecting idea. We feel that there are other unique ways that we can put our energy in for fund raising, that requires less effort and more of a return.

If anyone has been collecting cans and/or scrap, we will be happy to take it off your hands, as we will cash in everything that we currently have in our garage. However for future reference, we will no longer be collecting. Although our can/metal collecting was short lived, we want to thank everyone for their efforts in collecting and such willingness to help!

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