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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Can" You Help?

 For those of you that may not know, we are collecting aluminum cans, bottles (with MI on them) and any kind of scrap metal. We thought that this was a creative way to begin fund raising for our adoption, by asking people to set aside what they would have otherwise recycled or thrown away.

Things to remember when collecting:

-Do not crush cans, as the bar code needs to be scanned
-Please rinse cans, if you are able.. (it avoids a sticky mess in the bag)
-All glass/plastic bottles need to have the MI stamp on them
-Mostly any metal can be scrapped, the heavier, the better

Because Chicago only gives per lb. for aluminum and Michigan gives 10 cents per can, we plan to cash in the cans in Michigan. Our good friend's parents live in MI and are willing to take cans when they make sporadic trips to visit them. We are so grateful for the family of God and their willingness to help in any way they can. It will take a substantial amount of cans and/or metal, so this will be over a period of time. We are not really sure how beneficial this will turn out to be for us, but we figure.. what do we have to lose besides garage space?!

**The picture above is an organized metal scrap extravaganza for discarded items from work. Special thanks to Carlos, Rob, Saidy and Hector for all their hard work.

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